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Atturo Tires at Superior Tire & Auto

To run your vehicle smoothly or efficiently, tires need to be in the best condition. Numerous brands are queuing in the market, and Atturo is one of them. Atturo Tire is a reputed tire brand focused on the SUV, Crossover, and Light Truck (4×4) market sectors.

Atturo creates and distributes aggressively styled tires that fulfill your demands both on and off the road. People worldwide are embracing an active outdoor lifestyle, fueling the rise of the SUV and 4×4 vehicle markets. We are the only brand dedicated to providing tires to assist your daily adventures.

To learn more about Atturo Tires and its importance, continue reading.

A brief history of the Atturo Brand

With wicked, high-quality LT & SUV tires, Atturo Tire awakens the rebel in us and enables “out-doers” to pursue adventure. Atturo is a private brand tire firm that was founded in 2009. We started with the goal of bringing high-quality, distinctive tires to the SUV and Light Truck segments at a reasonable price.

The brand’s initial success came in staggered sizes in our performance tire line. Atturo was one of the first companies to provide these sizes outside OE vendors. That success was followed by the intimidating Trail Blade M/T.

Atturo helped open up the modern off-road sector with our dynamic design inspired by Quartermaster knives. The tire not only had one of the most aggressive sidewalls on the market, but it was also a mudslinging champion.

The Trail Blade series was expanded with knife blade-inspired treads to the market, innovating hybrid Trail Blade X/T, workhorse Trail Blade A/T, and the hardcore Trail Blade BOSS. The performance AZ series was expanded with Atturo offering one of the first run-flat tires for SUVs from a private brand. Winter and touring portions, as well as trailer and commercial van segments, round out the programme.

Different types of Atturo Tires

Atturo Tires come in different varieties and shapes. A few of them are as detailed below:

1)     Atturo Trail Blade Boss

The Trail Blade BOSS is the fourth tire in Atturo Tire’s Trail Blade® line and has a terrifying tire design to date. The tread is inspired by the Quartermaster QSA-1 BOSS HOG knife, a heavy-duty, hardcore blade.

Alternate shoulder blocks follow the contour of the knife handle tread. The high void ratio of the tread gives exceptional traction on various terrains. Smaller centre tread blocks are joined for stability against rock abrasion.

2)     Atturo Trail Blade M\T

The Trail Blade M/T is a dirt-specific performance tire. For far too long, high-quality M/T tires were an expensive luxury. Atturo now offers a low-cost solution that delivers excellent results. This tire has a track record of success in short-course off-road racing.

We compete with the biggest brands in the tire market and win! The Trail Blade M/T is built by Atturo using a specially made aluminum segmented mould, which results in a better degree of consistency across the tire.

3)     Atturo Trail Blade MTS

The Trail Blade MTS is the first tire in the new Trail Blade Sport line from Atturo. The MTS is an expansion of our famous Trail Blade M/T, featuring grooves, sipes, and a four-lug design borrowed from Atturo’s short-course racing teams.

The intimidating sides have a tread block inspired by Quartermaster’s QTR-5 karambit knife. Heavy-duty, 12-ply rated construction in various sizes, with improved load capability suited for 34 and 1-ton vehicles.

4)     Atturo Trail Blade XT

The Trail Blade X/T is a brand-new all-terrain tire. The X/T tire, in cooperation with Quartermaster Knives, bridges the gap between regular M/T and A/T tyres.

It has the open shoulder and sidewall tread lugs of a mud terrain tire, an all-terrain tire’s off-road performance, and the highway tire’s road feel. The design and range of sizes give SUVs, Crossovers, and trucks a new look.

The X/T combines the tough sidewalls of our renowned Trail Blade® M/T with a tread suited for trail and road performance. Owners of various vehicles have been looking for a tire with the aggressive appearance of a mud-terrain tire but with more civilized on-road performance. The Trail Blade X/T was created with this sort of driver in mind.

5)     Atturo Trail Blade AZ850

The Trail Blade ATS is the second tire in the new Trail Blade Sport line from Atturo. The Trail Blade ATS is Atturo’s latest aftermarket All-Terrain tire, with a sidewall design inspired by Quartermaster Knives that is arguably the most aggressive available for any All-Terrain type tire.

Large tread blocks, deep sipes, a long centre rib, and broad channels combine to create an attractive, functional tire ready for adventure on or off the road!

The Run Flat AZ850 is a low-cost alternative to the high-priced original equipment tires seen on many performance SUVs and muscle cars without sacrificing performance or quality. The AZ850 RFT also provides an added safety option for drivers who want the security of a run-flat tire, even if it was not originally installed on their Vehicle.

Why are Atturo Tires so important?

High-performance tires from Atturo are intended for utility vehicles such as SUVs, light trucks, and muscle cars. The tires are composed of a substance that keeps them cool even at high speeds, making them ideal for racing. The AZ850 tires’ asymmetric tread design provides stability and traction, making them ideal for street use.

Pros and Cons of Installing Atturo Tires on your 4×4 Vehicle


  • On the hard-packed ground, it has excellent traction and stability.
  • Good highway stability and surefooted handling on dry roads.
  • Surprisingly superb traction, braking, and handling in the snow.
  • Excellent tread life and tread wear warranty for the price.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • The ride is difficult, especially on bumpy and broken pavement.
  • Wet handling and braking fall short of the premium rivals.
  • The noise produced by aggressive tread is typically louder than other tires

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