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Commercial Vehicle Services at Superior Tire & Auto

Periodic maintenance is critical if you want to maximize the productivity of your vehicle and ensure your business functions as smoothly as possible. You should be aware of several essential basics to keep your car fleet working well.  On this page, we will discuss Commercial vehicle service and its importance.

Why do your vehicles need service?

To ensure your vehicle is running smoothly, regular servicing is essential. Here’s why vehicle servicing is important.

  • Regular maintenance and repair enhance safety

Regular auto care is essential for your safety since it may possibly prevent problems before they become major difficulties. This assures that your vehicle will not fail when you need it most. Do you want your vehicle to break down in the middle of nowhere? Regular servicing and maintenance reassure you that your automobile is in top driving condition, giving you peace of mind.

  • Improved lifespan of a vehicle

A well-maintained automobile has a longer lifespan, guaranteeing that your ride will be dependable for many years. Similarly, a fine-tuned, maintained engine increases your vehicle’s performance and keeps it in road-worthy condition for considerably longer.

  • Improved performance of your commercial vehicle

An automobile is made up of several separate components. If one component fails, the entire vehicle may suffer. Every component must be in good condition for the machine to work smoothly. Regularly servicing your vehicle ensures that every component operates properly, boosting overall performance.

  • Ensures fuel efficiency

A commercial vehicle that goes for regular service and maintenance also greatly improves fuel efficiency. Regular changing of oil, coolants, radiator fluid and other vital fluids vastly improve fuel efficiency, thus giving you better mileage and more bang for your fuel buck!

  • Regular servicing increases the worth of your commercial vehicle

What does commercial vehicle service include?

To avoid costly failures, commercial vehicles require regular care, which includes oil changes, brake fluid refills, and tire alignment. Learn more about commercial truck servicing, maintenance, and inspections below:

A Vehicle service includes the following parameters:

Safety Checks

Commercial vehicles, such as cargo vans or heavy-duty trucks, will require frequent inspections to ensure proper operation. A reputable service provider, such as Superior Tire & Auto, will inspect the brakes, tires, fluid levels, and other high-wear components. A light-duty vehicle safety check is advised every 3,000-5,000 kms, while medium- and heavy-duty vehicle inspections are recommended every 10,000-20,000 kms.

Oil Change

All commercial and heavy-duty vehicles require oil changes, and the easiest method to estimate how frequently you will need an oil change is to consult your owner’s manual. The oil change interval might be as little as 3,000 kms or as long as 20,000 kms. While an oil change may appear straightforward, the service department at Superior Tire & Auto has experience with a wide range of vehicles, and we are even GM Trained and Certified. We also provide frequent service deals.

Major Rebuild

You may need to plan a rebuild of a significant component, such as the engine or transmission, depending on your vehicle. However, working with Superior Tire & Auto on a regular interval will allow you to keep on top of maintenance and avoid failures or costly repairs.

Turn to Superior Tire & Auto for Commercial Vehicle Service

The service experts at Superior Tire & Auto are happy to perform a service evaluation and determine what kind of maintenance program your commercial fleet needs. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule a service appointment.