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Forestry Tires Available at Superior Tire & Auto

Since Canada has 9% of the world’s forested land, it is no surprise that the forestry industry significantly contributes to the Canadian economy. According to federal government estimates, Canada is the second-largest worldwide exporter of wood products, accounting for around 12.3% of the global market share each year.

What are Forestry Tires?

Forestry tires feature strong sidewalls under the tread and are made of a specific tread composition. The tire’s strengthened bead delivers great performance. Its lower lug angle offers great grip and self-cleaning properties due to its large inter-lug space, which is essential in forestry applications.

Different Brands of Forestry Tires

Forestry Tires play an important role and have different brandss-

  • Nokian forestry Tires
  • Firestone forestry tires
  • Primex forestry Tires

Prime Advantages of Forestry Tires

Typically, forestry tires are specially designed to deliver the best riding experience in forests. Along with that, they have numerous benefits-

  • Extra deep studs for a better grip on the ground
  • The angle of the lugs (or studs) at 23° for optimal motricity
  • Greater resistance to cuts than standard tires thanks to the presence of two steel plies
  • 20% of rubber on the sidewalls
  • 20% of rubber between the casing and the bottom of the stud
  • A casing made of nylon to protect against humidity

Forestry tires have a reinforced structure to cope with terrain that is often hardly practicable. This structure gives it additional resistance.

What to look for when choosing the best Forestry Tires from Superior Tire & Auto

Lumberjacks put a lot of strain on forestry tires using super-powerful and large machinery in exceedingly difficult terrain. The best forestry tires allow equipment to enter (and exit) difficult-to-reach areas, offer stability while carrying big loads, and increase production. At Superior Tire & Auto, you can find the best-quality Forestry Tires.  Here are some things to consider when choosing your tires:

Puncture resistance

Stumps, sharp branches, and rocks—logging sites are filled with hazards, and punctures pose an enormous problem for loggers. First and foremost, loggers often operate in remote, hard-to-access areas, which means a replacement tire or tech to fix the tire is not always nearby. Machine downtime is particularly costly in businesses with tight margins, like logging. Tire manufacturers use many methods to protect against punctures.

Load Index

Ply rating measures a tire’s strength and load capacity. Its relevance in selecting a forestry tire has risen as logging equipment has become more powerful. Tires with higher ply ratings are better suited to the needs of transporting big forestry machines and can sustain more harm than tires with lower ply ratings.

Building a heavier, stronger tire may result in higher initial expenses. On the other hand, these tires endure longer and assist in reducing costly downtime, resulting in a cheaper total cost of ownership in the long term.

Steel Belts, Rubber Compounds

Steel belts are becoming an essential part of forestry tires, acting as a coat of armor for your tires, resisting branch and stump attacks and safeguarding critical places such as between the lugs (where a tire has less rubber). Thick under treads and sidewalls defend against slashes, scratches, and splits while working with steel belts to prevent punctures.

While steel belts and precision-engineered reinforcements protect a tire’s structure, rubber compounds battle against the pebbles, branches, and roots that cause tires to chunk and chip. The best forestry tires are constructed with rubber compositions that have been particularly developed to withstand the rigors of operating in a harsh landscape and to resist cuts, punctures, and chunking.


A tire’s bead has a considerable impact on both its performance and its durability. They must withstand brutal punishment from stumps, rocks, and heat associated with forest work while successfully conveying the horsepower of today’s super-powerful machinery and preventing rim slippage.

To withstand the rigors of forestry operations, tires like the Primex Xtreme include a revolutionary dual bead and rim that protects rubber.

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