How To Read and Understand the Temperature Gauge on Your Vehicle

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How To Read And Understand The Temperature Gauge On Your Vehicle

The temperature gauge, most often located on your dashboard in your vehicle, is intended to show the temperature of your engine’s coolant. This indicator will let you know if your engine’s coolant is cold, normal, or overheating. This dial is often overlooked, but it is important to understand what it means if it fluctuates too low or hot.

Why the Temperature Gauge May Be Reading Hot

  • If your temperature gauge reads hot, there’s a possibility that your engine is overheating.
  • Another reason it might be high is that you have a coolant leak (that could lead to engine overheating). A minor leak should be diagnosed and patched up by an auto professional.
  • A high reading in some cases may mean that your thermostat is broken. You may need a coolant temperature switch replacement if this is the scenario.
  • Lastly, your temperature gauge can read hot due to water pump damage, which a mechanic can fix with a replacement.

Why the Temperature Gauge May Be Reading Cold

On most automobiles, the temperature gauge will typically read cold until the engine has run for several minutes. This is considered normal and happens in the cold winter.

  • If the temperature gauge continues to point towards cold after the engine has heated up, the gauge may be damaged.
  • Another explanation for a consistently cold reading is if the thermostat in the vehicle stays open. With the thermostat remaining open, the engine can be overcooled. If this is the problem, you will need to replace the thermostat.

While a cold reading may indicate a problem, it is typically not as severe or concerning as a hot reading. If your temperature gauge is reading high, the car is likely overheating, which is a grave matter. You should stop running your car and call for a tow immediately.

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