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Welcome to the Superior Tire & Auto page of systems and programs, and thank you for your interest in our franchise opportunities. We always get excited about telling people about our success within the Superior Tire & Auto organization and our franchise development. We’ve been in business since 1942, one of the oldest tire companies in the country, and we’ve been developing our franchise program since 1991. We started slowly in order to fine-tune our systems and added franchise stores only when we felt ready for expansion. It worked! We now have a great (and profitable) franchise program for our partners, and we have developed an additional program for existing stores interested in becoming part of the Superior Tire & Auto tradition ….. Success.

In today’s marketplace, many independent tire dealers find their profits shrinking, their return on investment unacceptable, and their supplier base shrinking. Vast changes are constantly occurring in the replacement tire industry, of which many are well beyond the dealers’ control. New and increased forms of competition, a much larger range of tire brands and applications, fewer suppliers, changing methods of distribution, shrinking profit margins and long-life product lines were but just a few – and we’re still counting. In addition, radialization, emphasis on energy conservation, shifts in product lines and emphasis on consumer service continue to contribute to these industry changes.

Furthermore, the industry is facing an even greater challenge. New high-tech automobiles increase the burden for dealers and their technicians to keep up-to-date. Emphasis on inventory management and selection is crucial, while the selection of services that dealers provide should be well considered. Commitment to increased training and equipment requirements places increased emphasis on management time, which, in turn, highlights the need for improved management training and techniques.

The objectives of the Superior Tire & Auto Franchise System and Operating Programs are to offer an opportunity to a dealer to make a profit in exchange for the investment of their time, effort and money that’s required to launch and steer their business along a course of positive and profitable results. We accomplish this by developing the economy of scales needed to provide the competitive edge in operations, to provide the buying power, developing management effectiveness, marketing programs, training programs and, in general, pursuing our common goal of exceeding our customers’ expectations. We redefined the way tires were sold in the marketplace by being proactive with modern state-of-the-art stores, offering increased tire brands and selections, introducing computerized wheel programs, making our showrooms bright and friendly to men and women alike, and utilizing our point-of-sale systems to ensure a positive buying experience for all customers.

We regard the single most important ingredient of a franchise system as the ongoing support, partnership and loyalty practiced between the franchisee, the franchisor and the other franchisees. It is with this in mind that we look to the prospective franchisee to not only possess the necessary financial and business acumen but to possess the qualities of a team player as well. Our system has been built by these types of individuals, and teamwork will continue to thrive and strengthen throughout the Superior Tire & Auto Group.

That, in short, is our organization. We’re very proud of it and of the wonderful people who contribute their ideas and their efforts to strengthen and grow Superior Tire & Auto, whether they be corporate stores or franchisee personnel.


Costa Haitas