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Tire Retreading at Superior Tire & Autos

Define Tire Retreading.

Retreading is a methodology that enables us to reuse our old tires. In this approach, a worn casing from a tire with high structural quality is removed and subjected to a process that renews the tread and sidewall rubber. The redesigned tire is then sent through a curing process in which the new rubber is vulcanized to the previous casing, giving the tire a new tread pattern.

A retreaded tire starts as a worn-out tire. When the tread is down to 2-3 mm, or if it has been re-grooved previously, or if your tire has punctures that need to be repaired, retreading is required. In these instances, you should take your tire to an expert technician who will check and inspect the tire to determine whether it can be retreaded. If the expert determines that it is safe, you can have your tire retread.

How Do Superior Tire & Autos Perform Tire Retreading Process?

Superior Tire & Autos promise the best customer service ever. We have a professional mechanics team performing Tire Retreading in the best manner. Our team performs the process in the following manner:

Collection of Casings

Worn tires are collected to select suitable casings for tire retread.

Initial Inspection

Each tire that arrives at a retreading factory is subjected to a thorough visual check. Non-destructive advanced inspection technology, such as the 540/2 Spectra or New era inspection machine, aids inspectors.

Buffing After Inspection

The old tread is mechanically removed from the tire using high-speed buffers. Buffers nowadays are incredibly precise, removing the appropriate quantity of old rubber while rotating the tire to a specified diameter and radius.

Applying a New Tread

After buffing is complete, a new tread is wrapped onto the tire, it is then cured to bind the new tread rubber to the buffed surface rubber. This creates high-quality tires that will perform well under pressure in any setting.

Advantages of Tire Retreading

Using retreads has a few noteworthy advantages whether you buy them from a dealer or retread your own tire casings. Retreading tires is both cost-effective and sustainable. Additionally, retread tires today have greater quality than ever.

  • Retreads are fairly safe and are currently utilized in many types of cars. Retreading is utilized in numerous vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, school buses, and military vehicles.
  • Nearly half of all replacement tires for transport trucks sold in North America are retreads. In non-passenger transport vehicles, they can be used in all Drive, Trailer, and Steer settings.
  • Retreading is extremely environmentally friendly. Manufacturers save landfill space when current tires are prepared for reuse. It also cuts CO2 emissions and saves millions of gallons of oil necessary to make new tires. As a result, by having your old tires retreaded rather than purchasing a new one, you help to save vital natural materials.
  • Retreading has several financial advantages since retreaded tires are less expensive than new ones. This will undoubtedly help you save a significant amount of money. You may retread your old tire at least twice or three times and save up to 40% of your money each time because a new pair of tires will cost approximately twice as much as a retread.
  • The retreading process is not responsible for big bits of rubber being sprayed on roads and highways. According to current studies, it occurs due to abuses such as tire failure caused by road dangers, tire bursts, and overloading to both new and retread tires.

Debunking Retread Tire Myths

You may have come across misconceptions regarding the dependability, and durability of retread tires. Many people wonder about the safety on highways. Retread tires have improved dramatically in recent years thanks to new tire retreading tools and production techniques, and they are now a competitive alternative for fleet tyres, truck tyres, airline tyres, and more.

Superior Tire & Autos Retreads

Retreads are more cost-effective. They are more environmentally friendly. Additionally, they benefit your company because they ensure your trucks are in operation. Working with Superior Tire & Autos to create a retread solution for your fleet is always a viable option.

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