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What Do You Mean by Trailer Tires?

Trailer (ST) tires are available in bias or radial ply, each having advantages. However, they are primarily intended for towing. Trailers are designed to haul large loads only. So, unlike vehicle tires, trailer tires must be harder than your usual tire to withstand the weight of such loads.

Trailer tires are distinguished from automobile and light vehicle tires by their design criteria, structure, materials, and safety features, which differ from conventional tires due to the sort of weight they must bear. As a result, it is critical to use the appropriate trailer tires to minimize damage or mishaps.

The material used to produce trailer tires’ sidewalls is thicker than that used in passenger tires. Trailer tires do not require making quick turns. Thus their tread is concentrated in the centre of the tire to assist with large loads.

Importance of Trailer Tires

Special trailer (ST) tires are built to go the distance while towing big items such as large commercial loads, transporting homes or other heavy objects. The rear trailer axle positions are supported by trailer tires, which are positioned on the trailer bed. They should be able to handle challenging braking, big loads, and normal wear.

Their unique design gives increased longevity, even with the greater inflation pressures required by larger cargo. Trailer tires also feature stronger sidewalls than typical passenger tires, which results in less wobble and better bruising resistance, keeping your cargo stable for the long haul.

Different Types of Trailer Tires

There are several types of Trailer Tires, a few of them are:

Radial Trailer Tires

Radial trailer tires are distinct in that the plies begin in the centre and go “radially” (thus the name) around the tire. The tires distinctive 90-degree tread centerline angle provides outstanding traction and increased durability.

The distinctive pattern of the plies should be seen while inspecting a radial tire. Angles that make the tires flexible and robust shoulders that protect the tire and trailer contents from shocks are visible. Drivers frequently praise radial tires for their smooth ride and excellent handling.

Bridgestone R123 ECOPIA

This versatile trailer tire has exceptional travel capability. Improved rolling resistance and maximum fuel efficiency are achieved with the help of patented NanoPro-Tech polymer technology.

The R123 EcopiaTM is intended for use in both long-distance and local services. A wise investment in a more sustainable future is this tire’s extreme fuel efficiency.

  • Tire Size: 295/75R22.5
  • Speed Rating: 120 km/h
  • Load Range: G

Firstone FS591™ TIRE

The Firestone FS591 aids in providing the performance fleets require. This steer position on-highway all-position radial tire has an inventive sidewall design that lowers total weight without compromising durability. This tire has similar speed and load ratings as the R123 Ecopia.

Bias-ply Trailer Tires

These are made using nylon belts that run at 30 to 45-degree angles from the centre line rather than 90-degree angles.

Bias ply tires are more prone to flat spots when parked for extended periods, although they can be stronger than radial tires in some cases due to the multiple ply layers, and they withstand sidewall damage better. They are also less expensive than radial tires.

The ability of bias-ply tires to maintain high grip at modest speeds is their most significant advantage. This is great for towing a boat into or out of the lake and towing a big agricultural trailer out of a field. Furthermore, bias tires often feature strong sidewalls to protect against cuts, bruising, and punctures.
Although they aren’t as comfy as radial tires, they are less expensive. They are an excellent choice for drivers not towing at highway speeds or long distances.

How Can Superior Tire & Auto Help You?

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