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A new set of tires can take you and your vehicle on many journeys, so having them installed professionally is best to get the most out of your investment. Superior Tire & Auto technicians not only have extensive knowledge of the tires we sell and install, but we also have the necessary experience to properly mount and balance your new tires.

What Is a Tire Installation Service?

The term ‘tire installation service’ refers to installing new tires on an automobile to improve the overall performance.

How Are Tires Installed?

Your tires will be installed by a qualified technician for your vehicle’s safety and performance. Proper installation allows your tires to function properly and safely. Installation typically takes 45 minutes to an hour. A proper installation will include the following components:

  • Examining the lugs or wheel bolts
  • Installing new rubber valve stems as needed
  • Tire installation
  • Putting new tires on your wheels
  • Balance
  • Tightening the wheel lugs to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • TPMS system service

An alignment is also recommended to ensure that your new tires wear evenly. Proper tire installation is critical for your vehicle’s safety and dependability.

What Is Included in a Tire Installation Service?

Any automotive service involves labour costs, and tire mounting is no exception. Professional tire mounting, installation, and balancing are essential for maximizing tire life and overall vehicle safety. Unwanted vibrations from improperly balanced tires can lead to premature tire and suspension wear.

Steps Required to Install a New Set of Tires on Your Vehicle

While tire installation is for our professionals, understanding the steps involved can help you get a better sense of what’s needed to take the best possible care of your vehicle:

Step 1 – Remove and Inspect the Old Tires and Wheels

The first step when installing new tires is to remove the old tires from the vehicle. To do that, the technician will raise your vehicle, lifting the wheels off the ground.

After lifting the vehicle, the technician will loosen the wheel nuts that secure the wheel to the vehicle.

The technician will then begin removing the tires and wheels.

Step 2 – Install the New Tires

After removing the tires and wheels from the vehicle, the next step is to deflate the tires. The technician will loosen the valve stem core to let the air out. When the tires are completely deflated, they can be removed from the wheels. The technician will use a special machine to remove the tire from the wheel rim.

During this phase, the technician will most likely inspect the wheels and lug nuts for signs of damage. Inspecting the rim for rough spots or areas that could scratch or puncture the new tires is especially important.

If the rim is severely rusted or damaged, you may be better off replacing it with a new wheel.

After removing the old tires, the new ones are installed on the wheels. It’s usually a good idea to simultaneously replace all four tires on a car, so the technician will almost certainly be working on all four wheels.

Step 3 – Balance the tires

A tire change cost usually includes balancing the tires on the wheels. Balancing is important because it helps to reduce tread wear and provides a smooth ride.

A technician will use a tire balancer to measure the imbalance in each wheel. The technician will place or adjust weights on the tire while using the machine to help improve the balance.

Step 4 – Install the wheels

After the tires have been balanced, the wheels and tires are reinstalled on the vehicle. The lug nuts will be tightened by the technician by hand to the proper specification. .

Step 5 – Align the wheels

Although wheel alignment is not required at the same time as tire installation, it is sometimes recommended. While tire balancing adjusts the weight distribution of the wheels and tires, wheel alignment focuses on adjusting your vehicle’s suspension to ensure your new tires will wear evenly.

If you’ve started to notice steering issues, it’s usually a good idea to have a wheel alignment performed.

Why Choose Superior Tire & Auto for Tire Installation?

Superior Tire & Auto has ten locations to keep your vehicle running smoothly. We have a massive selection of brand-name and private-label tires, all backed by our Superior Price Guarantee.

We provide complete, warranty-approved vehicle maintenance and repair to keep you safe on the road. Don’t forget to check out our current specials and coupons to save even more money. Visit a store near you today to get the Superior Service you appreciate!