What Can Cause Poor Wheel Alignment?

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What Can Cause Poor Wheel Alignment

A good quality wheel alignment is key when it comes to protecting your vehicle’s safety and handling. Your wheels should be aligned according to manufacturer standards to ensure each tire can travel straight or in the direction you want to move. Plus, wheel alignment can correct your wheels to avoid premature tire wear down the line.

More often than not, natural wear and tear will cause your wheel alignment to shift. However, there are other issues that can force them out of alignment sooner. They can be anything from poor driving habits to unfavorable road conditions. Regardless of the cause, every driver should take wheel alignment services seriously.

Things That Can Cause Poor Wheel Alignment

  • Driving over potholes
  • Running into curbs
  • Speeding over speed bumps
  • Hitting road debris
  • Failure to fix poor suspension
  • Inadequate lift kit installations
  • Car collision

If you want your tires to be in good shape, consider checking your wheel alignment from time to time. You might be wondering, “how can you tell if your wheel alignment is off”. The answer can be found in how your car drives. If you notice your car pulling left or right on a straight road, it is a major tell-tale sign that you need a wheel alignment. Some other indicators include random vibrations, bumpy car rides, uneven tire wear, and a crooked steering wheel.

If you notice that your vehicle’s handling is off, it is better safe than sorry to check your alignment at Superior Tire & AutoCraft. Our auto repair shop has the finest equipment and machines to correct your wheels and treat your tires.

Let us take care of your wheel alignment service by giving us a call or visiting Superior Tire & AutoCraft today!