What Is Leaking From My Vehicle?

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What Is Leaking From My Vehicle

Most cars rely on a handful of different fluids to run. They all range in color, consistency, smell, and more. Depending on its characteristics, you may be able to identify a fluid leak under or around your car.

Here is a quick guide on some of the most common fluid leaks in automobiles today:

Water – If you suspect that it is water, then it is most likely a water leak coming from your air conditioning system. Luckily, this is normal, and there are no major concerns there.

Coolant/Antifreeze – This liquid is typically dyed bright green. But nowadays, antifreeze formulations can be a bright pink or orange. Besides color, you can usually catch a sweet, syrupy smell with coolant leaks.

Engine oil – Motor oil can have a light honey color or be dark in color, depending on how long it has been since the last oil change. It has a slick consistency.

Gasoline – Gas is a light yellow color, and it has the strong, distinct smell that you’re probably used to catching at the pump. Be careful with fuel leaks because they are highly flammable.

Transmission fluid – It is similar to the consistency of motor oil, but it is almost always dyed a magenta or red color.

What To Do When You Find a Leak

If you have seen a puddle under your vehicle that’s larger than an inch or two wide and it occurs more than once, your best bet is to take your car to an auto repair shop. Leaks can be troubling and cause extensive system damages, especially when neglected for long periods. At Superior Tire & Autocraft, we can help you get down to your fluid leak problem. Our professional technicians can repair your leak and top you off on the solution so that you can be on your way.

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