​​4 Auto Items That Every Driver Should Keep in Their Car

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4 Auto Items That Every Driver Should Keep In Their Car

As a vehicle owner, it’s very important to understand the responsibilities of ownership. Besides getting routine maintenance, you have to be prepared for the unexpected out on the open road. Besides your license, registration, and owner’s manual, you may also need to pack some essential emergency items with you!

First Aid Kit

This item is necessary for unforeseeable injuries that may take place inside or outside of your car. These are easily storable in your glove compartment. In severe cases, you should call for emergency personnel instead of relying on your medkit.

Spare Tire

Everybody may experience a flat tire in their life at one point or another. To be extra careful, you should always have a spare tire stored inside your vehicle. To fix a flat, you’ll also need other tools, including a lug wrench and jack. And if you’re not sure how to install your spare, your owner’s manual will have clear instructions.

Pressure Gauge

To determine whether your tires are at a safe and suitable tire pressure, you will need to manually measure them with a pressure gauge. Even if your tires look acceptable, routine checks are highly recommended. Doing so will improve vehicle handling, extend the life of your tires, and enhance your fuel economy.

Set of Jumper Cables

We all know the sinking feeling in your stomach when your car doesn’t start. If a friend, family, or another driver is willing to help you out, you’ll need a set of jumper cables to start your car.

Some honorable mentions that didn’t make the list that we would like to mention are an extra bottle of windshield wiper fluid, blankets, jacket, umbrella, compass, flashlight, batteries, water, nonperishable foods, and phone chargers. Knowing that these items are with you will ensure you drive confidently and safely. If you need any automotive services, we invite you to Superior Tire & Autocraft! We have 17 convenient locations that you can visit anytime.