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Often we neglect the importance of proper and periodic maintenance. Instead, most of us wait until the warning lights flash. However, the best practice and auto maintenance are usually scheduled based on mileage. Seasons, however, can have a different effect on your vehicle. If your vehicle is not properly maintained, it will likely break down frequently.

Regular maintenance not only protects you from unexpected breakdowns, but it is also a safety hazard to be in an unmaintained vehicle. Anything can go wrong, from faulty brakes to overheating engines. Furthermore, the longer you put off maintenance, the worse the situation will become. This impacts the vehicle’s overall safety and raises your repair costs.

What is Seasonal Car Maintenance?

Seasonal car maintenance includes inspecting common wear items on your vehicle to see if they need to be replaced.

What is a basic maintenance schedule for cars?

Cars or heavy-duty vehicles must follow the right vehicle maintenance services for better outcomes. These services are often done in 30-60-90 intervals. This means each 30,000 kms, essential preventative maintenance should be performed. Every vehicle is unique, and depending on your driving habits, various parts may wear out at irregular intervals.

Routine maintenance schedule services involve simple tune-ups like filter and fluid replacements, tire rotations, and general parts inspections at various mileage intervals.

The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

For proper vehicle maintenance, you need to inspect the following-

  • Oil and coolant levels
  • Air filter
  • Tire pressure and tire tread depth
  • Headlights, turn signals, parking lights, and brakes
  • Oil and filter
  • Inspect shocks and struts
  • Spark plugs
  • Serpentine belt
  • Transmission fluid
  • Front or rear differential
  • Battery performance checks
  • Replace windshield wipers

Key 3 Things to check on your car every month

Regular maintenance is essential for extending the life of your vehicle and lowering repair costs. The following checks should be performed at least once a month to ensure your vehicle is in the best possible condition.

Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct PSI.

Tire pressure, when maintained regularly, has numerous long-term benefits for you and your vehicle. Keeping your tires at the recommended PSI (found in the car manual or on the side of the driver’s door) ensures a smoother driving experience. It evenly wears out your tires, resulting in better fuel efficiency, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Most gas stations provide a free air pump service. The process should only take a few minutes, but if you’re unsure, the staff should be able to assist you.

Check your engine oil level.

Oil is essential for your car’s engine because it lubricates engine parts; therefore, check this monthly to avoid ruining your engine.

When the oil has settled, and the car is slightly warm, the best time to check is a few minutes after driving. To get an accurate oil level reading, ensure your car is parked on level ground.

This procedure is straightforward and should only take a few minutes. You’ll need a paper towel or an old rag to remove excess oil. Open the hood and pull out the dipstick to check your oil level. Wipe the end of the blade clean and gently re-insert it in.

Check your brake fluid.

Brake fluid, like engine oil, is important to check for healthy engine performance. According to professionals, brakes are a vehicle’s “most important crash avoidance system.”

To check the level of your brake fluid, open the reservoir and look inside. You may require the assistance of a light to determine whether the level is between the minimum and maximum indicators.

Avoid opening it up unnecessarily, especially in the rain, because brake fluid absorbs moisture over time, reducing the effectiveness of your car’s brakes.

Benefits of Regular Car Maintenance

Regular car maintenance offers you numerous benefits, a few of which are listed below:

Increased performance  and fuel efficiency

Oil changes regularly will improve your fuel efficiency. Fresh oil allows your engine to perform at its best, so it will use less fuel. Clean fuel filters also help keep debris at bay, so your engine won’t have to work as hard. Regularly checking your oil and filters will help you spend less time at the gas pump.

A solid maintenance record

You can create a comprehensive maintenance log by creating a routine vehicle maintenance plan. Every service, replacement part, or tune-up will be documented. A complete maintenance record will come in handy if you decide to sell your car.

Excellent resale value

Maintaining your car well will count when it comes time to sell or trade it. You can sell your car confidently when everything’s maintained and working well. It will be easy to sell, and you will be able to get a higher price from a prospective buyer. That’s the power of doing vehicle maintenance right.

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