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If you own a truck, SUV, or van, you may have noticed the letter “LT” embossed on your tires before the string of numbers and letters indicating the tire size. You might have also tried to understand what light truck tires are and how and why they are used.

On the other hand, almost every driver has experienced the confusion and discomfort of not knowing which tires to buy for their car.

Let’s examine light truck tires to see if you should think about purchasing a pair if you’re in the market for new tires. This is required because the LT classification is dependent on the weight and intended use of your vehicle.

What are LT tires?

The term “light truck” (LT) refers to a specific type of passenger tire, but the purpose of LT tire design is for very particular heavy-duty duties. LT tires are basically reinforced tires with thicker, stiffer sidewalls and deeper treads than the typical P-metric passenger car tire.

These tires can handle the extra mass of trucks and other big vehicles because they have stronger internal cords and belts. Because LT tires will produce more heat as a consequence of carrying more weight, the rubber composition may also change.

In addition, these tires occasionally feature squared-off corners and deeper, sharper tread designs.

What Purpose Does an LT Tire Serve?

LT-metric tires, which have load ratings of 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, and 1 ton, are suitable for more difficult driving situations. A truck or automobile with an LT tire is also more effective for hauling, working, and operating on unpaved roads.

Which Car Models Usually Use LT Tires?

For a “light truck” style tire, the Tire and Rim Association has standardized the abbreviation LT-Metric. Although full-size SUV’s and vans that regularly go off-road also use these tires to tow heavy loads, LT tires are made for trucks.

What is the Difference Between LT and Non-LT tires?

There are a lot of variations, but construction is the key factor. LT tires are designed with stronger internal cables and belts that allow them to support the added weight.

Because LT tires are going to produce more heat as a result of carrying a greater weight, the rubber structure could shift as well.

Outside, LT tires usually differ from passenger tires in appearance. Their deeper, more aggressive tire patterns and squared-off shoulders make them simple to recognize. They may result in a rise in traffic noise, particularly on the highway.

Due to their heavy-duty design and greater inflation requirements, LT tires should ride stiffer than passenger tires. Since it requires more effort to turn a heavier tire, it can also have an impact on the gasoline economy.

Does Your Truck or SUV Need LT tires?

This issue’s solution depends on a number of distinct variables. LT tires are a great option if you tow a heavy trailer or drive a vehicle that is loaded down with passengers and cargo. The reason is that they can enhance handling while carrying a heavy weight.

If you have a car in the 3/4- or 1-ton class, it was probably engineered and constructed with LT tires, in which case you do need this type of tire. However, LT tires aren’t essential or even the best for your usage if you drive a small or mid-size SUV/crossover that is used for regular day-to-day driving.

It’s crucial to understand that LT tires do not raise the maximum load capacity of your car. The load capability of the vehicle itself should not be exceeded.

For information on maximum weight and load ratings, as well as initial tire sizing and classification, make sure to examine the sticker on your driver’s door jam or consult your owner’s manual.

If you’re unsure, speak with a tire expert to find out which option is best for your needs and vehicle.

How Long are LT Tires Good for?

Any tire’s lifespan is influenced by a variety of factors, including your driving style. The lack of a manufacturer’s mileage warranty for LT tires is normal; this is probably because they are put through a variety of heavy-duty uses, which makes the wear unpredictable.

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