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What are Aurora Winter Tires?

Winter tires, often known as snow tires, are tires with a construction particularly created to increase vehicle stability in colder climates and on rough roads with snow and ice. They provide an option in place of snow chains, which can reduce speed and potentially deteriorate road surfaces.

The tread pattern of winter tires is distinct from summer tires because it features wider gaps.

Winter tires feature softer structures due to their increased natural rubber content. As temperatures rise, so does how the rubber composition of the tires interact with the road’s surface. This impacts the tires’ grip. Winter tires’ carefully formulated substance ensures flexibility even below +7 degrees C, but summer tires harden below +7 degrees C.

How do Winter Tires work?

As their name suggests, it gives the impression that they are snow tires, but in reality, they are cold weather tires that can perform well on wet, icy, snowy, and cold, dry roads.

Their minute grooves penetrate snow, ice, and mud, quickly dispersing water to improve braking and increase traction.

When should I get Snow or Winter tires?

Winter tire purchasing should start in the fall. Before the snow starts to fall, you should get them installed on your car. Typically, most people will install winter tires once the temperature drops and consistently stays below 7 degrees C.

Benefits of Installing Winter Tires to your Car from Superior Tire & Auto

Winter Tires are important in enhancing your vehicle’s overall efficiency and allowing you to drive in winter conditions hassle-free. Along with that, they offer you numerous benefits, a few of which are:

  • Whether the conditions are wet, dry, snowy, ice, or frozen, winter tires provide exceptional traction.
  • Snow holds like nothing else. Winter tires fill their tread grooves with snow in the case of compact snow, which grips the snow on the road.
  • They can disperse more water with their extra-deep treads, which helps to lessen hydroplaning and enhance handling.
  • They are more cost-effective than summer tires because they are tougher to wear and keep their suppleness in the cold when they provide more safety.

Every coin has two sides, head and tails; the same scenario applies to this. If winter tires have numerous benefits, they also have some drawbacks.

Disadvantages of Winter Tires

  • Summer tires perform better in warmer and mild weather, just as winter tires perform better in colder temperatures than summer tires. Your winter tires must be switched out for summer tires as soon as the temperature rises over +7 degrees Celsius.
  • It can be expensive to acquire and keep a complete set of winter tires and a full set of summer tires, including spares. You may not have a choice in certain areas, while an all-season tire may be appropriate in others.

Shop Aurora Tires at Superior Tire & Auto

Please ensure that your vehicle is ready for winter by purchasing a set of winter tires. Our team is here to help you decide which set will perform best on your make and model of vehicle. Additionally, you should  consider asking for a diagnostic checkup of your car. You can take advantage of the best automobile service and branded tires at Superior Tire & Auto.

If you have any questions regarding our services,  feel free to contact us.