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Radiator Repair at Superior Tire & Auto

What Is a Radiator?

The main element of the engine’s cooling system is a radiator. Its primary function is to spread a solution of antifreeze and water among its fins, releasing some of the heat from the engine while drawing in cold air, which then passes through the remainder of the engine. The fan clutch, water pump, and spur line are next to the Radiator.

A thermostatically controlled fan behind the Radiator activates when additional air is needed to assist cool the antifreeze/water while a water pump circulates coolant around the engine.

Most radiators on the market now comprise aluminum and plastic, which normally prevents rust. However, occasionally, the metal can still rust.

Warning Indicators Your Car’s Radiator Is Not Working

Your engine continually overheating is the most obvious symptom of your Radiator failing. Your engine will heat up quickly; as a result, making it more likely to overheat. Other signs include noticing coolant leaks on the ground or sludge in your Radiator. Under your car, coolant will leak if your Radiator’s coolant is not flowing through it properly or if there is a break.

Normally, the coolant in your car should be yellow or green. If your Radiator goes bad, it can turn into a rusted colour. After some time, it turns into sludge, and the fluid can’t cool the engine. This is because it can’t drain properly & sits around the engine. The best thing to do about this issue or error is to take your vehicle to your nearest car repair workshop, like Superior Tire & Auto, for professional help.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Radiator Repair

The cooling service your Radiator provides is essential, and if it doesn’t function, a car’s engine will overheat, which might damage the other parts. So, if you have major issues with the Radiator, it might lead to radiator replacement.


If your automobile frequently overheats, that may be an indication that your Radiator needs repair. The thermostat may need to be replaced by your technician, but if the issue persists, it may be a sign that the Radiator is clogged with rust, dirt, or scale. Overheating may also be a sign of broken cooling fins.


If your car’s Radiator is leaking or if the coolant inside the Radiator is sticky with debris. It doesn’t circulate effectively through the system. The radiator hoses then experience excessive pressure, which may cause them to begin leaking coolant. The Radiator needs to be cleaned and repaired.

Book Your Radiator Repair at Superior Tire & Auto

If you are searching for radiator repair or replacement, chances are you believe something is wrong with the one in your vehicle. The team at your local Superior Tire & Auto is happy to inspect your radiator to let you know if any repairs are needed. Book an appointment online or call your local Superior Tire & Auto today!