How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

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How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

From squealing brakes to doing donuts, people can be hard on cars. This is expensive fun, but even everyday bad driving habits can put a strain on your vehicle and your wallet.

Something as simple as resting your hand on the gear shift can add too much pressure on the transmission bushings and synchronizers, which can result in extra wear and tear. Both hands on the wheel please!

Flooring it at a green light might be fun but it’s tough on gas mileage. Short stops and accidents do happen, but for everyday use being a smooth operator is best for saving at the pump and at the shop because your brake components will last much longer.

Driving downhill can be tricky, but it is best to avoid the habit of riding the brakes if you wish to protect your brake pads and rotors. Alternatively, you can always shift into a lower gear, brake gently and then release the pedal allowing the brakes to cool off a minute. Repeat until you arrive at the bottom of the hill.

Revving an engine sounds cool, but if the car is cold, it’s a bad idea. When a car sits a while the oil from the engine returns back to the bottom of the crankcase. When first starting up, let the engine idle for a minute, which lets the oil circulate back through the engine. Lubrication is necessary for moving engine parts. Revving a cold engine can damage internal components. So, warm up before peeling out.

Driving with the fuel light on is one of the worst bad driving habit offenses, especially on an empty tank. Low fuel can result in an overheated fuel pump. So don’t go below a quarter of a tank!

Speaking of lights, if your car’s warning lights are flashing, it is best not to ignore them. Bad habit!

Speeding over potholes or speed bumps is a terrible driving habit. Because these road hazards can be hard to judge, taking a joyride is not recommended. The impact can cause major damage to your suspension, alignment, steering, exhaust system and wheels.