How to Tell If You Need Alternator Repairs

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How To Tell If You Need Alternator Repairs

Without your car’s electrical system, including the battery and alternator, your engine would simply stop running. It breathes life into the engine. The alternator charges the battery to be able to start your engine. Read on to learn more about this vital component and the signs that it can show when it grows weak.

The alternator provides a huge chunk of energy to most of your vehicle’s electrical accessories, including the windshield wipers, radio, power windows, electrical power steering, and more. More importantly, it recharges the battery whenever your car is running. Here are some of the signs that indicate you may need alternator repairs:

  • Electrical Dashboard Warning Light Illuminated – Dashboard lights have tons of meaning and this one in particular points to an electrical problem. Please have your alternator inspected by an auto professional whenever this light comes on.
  • Whining – A whining noise under your hood can be originating from a bad alternator. If a bearing wears out inside the alternator, it will be noisy. We advise you to have it checked out as soon as you can. 
  • Burning Rubber Smell – A burning rubber smell can indicate a bad alternator because the alternator sits right next to a belt. If it overheats, it can emit this odor.
  • Electrical Failures – When one or more of the electronic accessories malfunctions in your car, SUV, or truck, you should ask your technician to check your alternator. One common symptom that drivers catch is flickering or dim headlights. When some of these functions become inoperable, you can face serious dangers on the road. 
  • Dead Battery – If the alternator stops charging your battery, the charge in it will dwindle down until it dies. If you’ve had to grab the jumper cables more often, please have both components checked out.

Alternator Repairs in Calgary, AB

It is vital for your alternator to run whenever you are on the road. If you need assistance inspecting your alternator, please do not hesitate to bring your vehicle to Superior Tire & Autocraft. We invite you to give us a call or visit soon!