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OTR Tires Available at Superior Tire & Auto

What are OTR Tires?

The term ‘OTR‘ is the abbreviation of Off the Road tires, which are made for trucks and commercial vehicles that routinely traverse rough terrain. The tires are designed to carry a lot of weight and let vehicles navigate tough terrain that would stop most other trucks in their tracks.

It has three most common construction types:


Bias tires are made of cross-ply material with cords that extend from bead to bead.

Belted Bias

Similar to bias OTR tires, these tires often include two or more cross-ply layers instead of the bias constructions corded or steel stabilizing belts linked beneath the tread.


Similar to bias tires, radial tires also employ cords that run from the beads across the tread, but the cords run parallel to one another rather than in a crisscross pattern, making the tire stronger and longer lasting.

Belted prejudice and bias OTR tires are ideal for slower moving vehicles, while radial tires are fantastic for faster moving vehicles.

While these three designs are the most frequently encountered in OTR tires, they are also utilized in various hauling applications, including road grading, quarry operations, and building.

Construction of OTR Tires

OTR tires, like other tires, have distinctive parameters that show clear variations in capacity and performance. The terms listed below will aid fleet managers in making the best decision:

Thread: Responsible for traction.

Carcass: The tire’s casing consists of body plies and wire beads.

Belt Package: The number of low-angle steel cord layers that strengthen the tire.

Radial Ply: Responsible for load, steering, and braking forces transmitted between the road and the wheel.

Inner Liner: Term used for tubeless tires’ compounded rubber layer.

Sidewall: The side layer covers everything except the tread and belt package.

Bead Bundle: The steel rim that sits just outside the sidewall.

Apex: Located over the bead bundle, this rubber filler is responsible for the progressive transition from the bead bundle zone to the rubber tire wall.

Chafer: A hard rubber layer that resists the erosion of the bead area.

Benefits of Installing OTR Tires from Superior Tire & Autos

Installing Off-road Tires on your heavy-duty trucks or commercial equipment can give you numerous advantages:-

Increased Stability

Off-road tires boost stability, which enhances the safety of your equipment users when using them.

Quicker recovery

Vehicles working in unforgiving terrain frequently spill commodities transported from one place to another due to rebound and bounce. Recoil is decreased with OTR tires, saving machine operators time and money on needless cleanup.

Purchase Your OTR Tires at Superior Tire & Auto

If you are looking for a reputable shop to purchase your OTR tires, look no further than Superior Tire & Auto. Our team of educated service advisors and technicians will help you determine the correct tire for your off road job.

Visit your local Superior Tire & Auto or call to speak with a service advisor today.