What Does the Power Steering System Warning Light Mean?

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What Does The Power Steering System Warning Light Mean

Any driver who has used manual steering knows how tiring it can be. Auto makers have been employing energy aided steering technology for a few years now to make driving a bit simpler. The hydraulic pump used in the first power steering systems moves fluid into cylinders in your steering gear. While the engine is operating, the pump will fill one of the cylinders as you spin the steering wheel to assist you. More and more auto makers are starting to employ electric power steering systems because they don’t need any fluid and are considerably quieter. When a problem with the steering system is discovered, a warning light on the dashboard will let you know.

What the caution light on the power steering system implies

This warning indicator frequently resembles a steering wheel and occasionally features an exclamation point. The indicator light may read EPS for vehicles with electric power steering. The warning light will either be red or yellow in hue.

Low power steering fluid is a frequent cause of the warning light to appear in hydraulic power steering systems. If you notice this light come on, stop right away and check the fluid level. The light should go out after you add the proper type of fluid to the tank. Remember that a leak must be fixed as soon as possible if there is low fluid. Until there is no longer any leakage, adding fluid will only provide a short-term solution. If the fluid level isn’t the problem, a qualified technician will need to diagnose the issue further, and repairs will probably be required.

Electric powered steering systems: Since no fluid is being used, the fluid level warning sign won’t illuminate. In fact, sometimes all it takes to turn off the light is to restart the engine. Small mistakes can happen, much like on your home computer, making the computer believe there is a real problem. The computer will notice that everything is operating as expected after a brief reset. This warning light has to be further diagnosed if it doesn’t go away after restarting.

Your steering system will remain in peak condition if you replace your power steering fluid on a regular basis. If you need power steering repair, give Superior Tire & Autocraft a call today!