What Is Oil Sludge and How Does It Hurt My Car?

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What Is Oil Sludge And How Does It Hurt My Car

Oil sludge is a thick, black, gooey substance that can form in the engine of your car if the oil isn’t changed regularly. It is often a by-product of old oil that has been exposed to heat for too long and has started to break down. This can also happen if you use an improper type of oil or don’t change your oil often enough.

Oil sludge can cause a number of problems in your engine and will eventually lead to serious damage and expensive repairs. The first problem that it causes is lower fuel economy because it reduces the efficiency of the combustion process. This means more gas will be needed to power your car, which leads to increased gas costs. Oil sludge also causes decreased performance from your engine and can even cause it to fail completely in extreme cases.
The most common symptoms of oil sludge are:

  • Serpentine belt slipping or breaking
  • When the engine is overheating
  • Low coolant level

To reduce the risk of oil sludge buildup in your engine, follow these steps:
Keep your engine clean. Use a quality oil that meets the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent oil sludge from forming. Use a small amount of oil when you start your engine, then add more as needed. Don’t use additives or detergents to clean your engine because they can leave residue behind that will cause sludge buildup.

Drain and replace old oil and filters regularly. Remove the old oil and replace it with fresh, new oil at least every 4,500 km. Using synthetic blends helps keep sludge buildup at bay by limiting the amount of mineral deposits that build up over time, so you should also consider using synthetic oils for longer life and better performance.

Use synthetic oils with anti-wear additives like Mobil 1 0W40 or V-Power oils to help protect against wear and tear on the engine.

Keep your vehicle maintained regularly by changing your air filter often, checking belts and hoses regularly, rotating tires, cleaning under the hood, etc.

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