What to Add to Your Emergency Car Kit in the Winter

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What To Add To Your Emergency Car Kit In The Winter

With Winter quickly approaching, slowdowns in traffic, poor weather conditions, wild animals in the night, and so many more hazards can put you at risk of a breakdown. We want you to feel prepared every time you step in the car, so we encourage all our customers to pack an emergency car kit. Besides the obvious essentials like a flashlight, batteries, jumper cables, tool kit, spare tire and tools, and first aid kit, what winter additions should you add to your roadside emergency kit?

Item #1: Portable phone charger

If your car is stuck in a blizzard or broken down on the side of the road for whatever reason, you will need to make some phone calls. Whether you’re looking to tell a loved one or reach out to a towing company, it is best to have some extra juice on hand.

Item #2: Hand warmers/gloves and blanket

When you are stuck in the cold, especially without any gas left, hand warmers, gloves, and/or blankets can be your BFF. They’re also more eco-conscious than leaving your car on for the duration of your wait.

Item #3: Food and water

It doesn’t hurt to carry water and food as a precaution.

Item #4: Shovel

If you’re snowed in while outside of your house, you should keep a shovel in your trunk.

Item #5: Rope and sand/kitty litter

If shoveling the snow out of the way doesn’t get your car moving, you’re going to take it to the next step. The grittiness of the sand or kitty litter will allow your tires to get more traction which can help you get out of the sticky situation.

Item #6: Snow brush and ice scraper

Last but certainly not least, these two tools will be your best friends in the winter. With a higher chance of your windshield freezing over this winter, make sure you have these to quicken the deicing process. You can’t let your defrosters do all the work if you are in a hurry.

We hope these extra items will make your winter driving a little easier. If you are looking to have seasonal maintenance performed on your vehicle soon, please give our professional team a call or visit Superior Tire & AutoCraft today.