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Axle Repair at Superior Tire & Auto

What is an Axle?

Axles are the central shafts that link to the wheels to support the weight of the car and propel the vehicle forward. They usually rotate with the wheels. Axles are a crucial part of your car, truck or trailer because they regulate the force used to push the wheels.

How many axles does a car have?

The number of axles in a car depends on the kind of vehicle. Cars typically have two axles, which rotate the wheels. A larger vehicle with more wheels and passengers may have more axles.

Finding out how many axles your automobile or any other vehicle has is simple. Take a side view of your automobile and count the number of pairs of tires. Most automobiles have two sets of tires, one in the front and one in the back, for four tires. Two axles are equal to two pairs of tires.

Types of Axles

Axles come in three standard types:

Rear Axle

This axle delivers power for the driving wheels. Half shafts, which are its two parts, are joined by the differential. Most of the time, the rear axles spin together with the vehicle’s wheels.

Front Axle

This axle, found in the front of the car, helps with steering and absorbs shocks from the road’s irregular surface. The four primary components are the beam, swivel pin, track rod, and stub axle. Front axles need to be as strong as possible; hence, nickel or carbon steel are frequently used in their construction.

Stub Axle

Stub axles are attached to the vehicle’s front wheels, with kingpins connecting these axles to the front Axle.

Warning signs that your car needs axle repair services

The axle is a crucial component that rotates to move the automobile in a car’s anatomy. Axles are directly powered by the engine and rotated by the transmission’s torque. As a result, a car’s defective axle may be identified when driving. Significant roadblocks can be created when the axle malfunctions for whatever reason.

Leaking Grease

A grease leak issue is a sign that your axle needs to be repaired. A leaky axle boot is indicated by extra oil oozing from the side wheel or inside the tire. Even though a grease leak is not a major issue, it isn’t comforting to see.

The grease leak’s accumulation of dirt and debris might impair axle performance. Additionally, the effectiveness of disc brakes may be impacted if the leaking gets to the tire.

Loud Sound

The cause of car noises isn’t typically a bent car axle; other times, corrosion results in worn-out or damaged joints. A noticeable noise or trouble shifting your automobile into gear may be a sign to stop by your local Superior Tire & Auto. Additional issues could include; challenges to turning your automobile or hearing a loud clicking sound or clunking sound while turning your automobile.

Extra Vibrations

Axles on a bent automobile can also cause very high vibrations. These vibrations might be felt when the car travels over a speed bump, or unexpected potholes. When turning, accelerating, or decelerating, these sensations accompany rumbling sounds, tire wobbling, and even shaking steering wheels.

Axle Repair Services at Superior Tire & Auto

If you suspect you are having issues with your vehicle’s axles, or are in need of any other vehicle repairs, contact Superior Tire & Auto. Our team will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and advise the best repair plan. We’ll then work to ensure your broken axle is in operating condition to get you back on the road. To book an appointment with Superior Tire & Auto call your local shop or use the online appointment feature.